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The activities are now carried on in the HLT research unit

MUNST Multilingual Natural Speech Technology ITC-irst


This research  line aims at  advancing and developing  spoken language processing  technology  in two  major  research  areas:  audio  digital libraries and  speech translation.

Research is focused on  fundamental   issues  as  speech   recognition  for  unconstrained language,   ``atypical''  speakers,   e.g.  children,   audio  content indexing,  cross-language spoken  document retrieval,  and statistical speech translation.

Research is mostly  carried out within national   and  international  projects   and  in   co-operation  with
world-class  laboratories.  Progress is  systematically measured  through widely  accepted benchmarks  and by  taking  part to international evaluations.



Past projects

Current status

Open positions  for PhD Students in collaboration  with the
 International Graduate School in ICT  at the University of Trento.

Phd  courses for the academinc year 2002-2003.

Open  positions  for undergraduate students.
Tesi di  tesi laurea o stage.

Organization of a  Cross-Language Spoken Document Retrieval track at CLEF 2003.

Coordination of the  CSTAR III 2003 Evaluation Campaign

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